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Jayson McIvor

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington | Issac Hagoel

Lake Louis by (Jeff Pang)
Anonymous said: I'd love to go to Greece (the blue and white houses look lovely) and Italy, maybe Asia as well

Yeah that would amazing, the food as well sdfghjkl;as’

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Lake Louise Cabin by R Wethereyet
Anonymous said: Okay fair enough :) And going to Africa is actually really rad!

Yeap it’s pretty awesome!

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Anonymous said: Wow, good choices, I'd love to go to those places too

Were do you wanna go Anon?

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Yosemite (:
Anonymous said: I myself like a little mystery, seems as though you don't :P okay how about your ideal type of girl huh?

Like I said, I don’t know who you are. I’m not saying anything <3

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Anonymous said: Is there anywhere in the world that you want to travel to?

I’ve always wanted to hit up the Caucasus. Jam South America for a bit, and do Africa from top to bottom 

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Anonymous said: You don't like a little mystery?

Dont you? ;)

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As far as the eye can see