Grab life by the balls

You can't stop the Light from Shining. | by Robert-Paul Jansen.
Anonymous said: but still, every single time i've had feelings for anyone they've found out and its fucked everything up so i guess i dont want that to happen and i wouldn't wanna wreck an almost-friendship thing

Okay anon. Nothing will ever happen between us if I don’t know who you are. I’ll do my best not to fuck things up :)

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Anonymous said: yeah but i feel like i would make it awkward and idk

well it shouldn’t really matter, what if i might have a potential thing for you? If I don’t know who you are how am I supposed to act on it? 

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Anonymous said: But what if I think it would get awkward between us?

Why would it get awkward? Its only awkward if you make it awkward

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Anonymous said: should I? but that would blow my cover, maybe i wanna stay anon....

Yes you should!! covers are made to be blown ;)

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Anonymous said: glad to be of service :) how's life?

okay I think its about time you came off anon :)

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Anonymous said: how is it that you're the coolest person like wow, and you're utterly adorable, its not fair

Awwww thanks anon, you made my day! <3

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